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Our Approach

A big part of what we do is teaching and inspiring. We teach others to do what we love. In turn this inspires those who see the benefits of growing healthy food! Most kids don't know where they're food comes from. Aquaponics is a powerful way to get the whole family involved!

Our Story

5 years ago, we had a vision. We entered a competition about a sustainable idea for growing healthy food. We won second place and took the winnings and built our first large system. We've never looked back. We joined the first cohort for a local startup support company called SEED SPOT. They really help us to connect with our audience and build a Social Media presence. We started a Facebook Page and Group and went to work. Since then we have helped hundreds of people learn about AP. Connecting with schools and Community Colleges as well along the way.

Meet the Team

So far it's just me! But, hey everyone has to start somewhere. Even though it,s just one full time, we muster up some help when needed.

Self employed for 20 plus years. 30 Years construction experience and many raising fish as well.